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  • TROY Aikman

    "Ray Stein and John Luongo have provided security for me on numerous occasions since joining FOX Sports. They are first class individuals that understand how to handle every situation ... I couldn't be more impressed with the professionalism Ray, John and their staff have always shown ... Top Notch!"

  • Joe Buck

    "Protection Advisory is a service that everyone in the public eye should have. The personal service and attention to detail they provide are second to none. When I am working in high risk areas like a stadium or any public venue were fans have access, they are always at arm's reach and always paying attention to any threat to my personal safety. Over the years Ray Stein and John Luongo have become dear friends and make sure I know they have my back. In these times where the walls are thinner and thinner between announcer and fan, it is a pleasure to know they are with me for anything that comes my way. I have had them protect my family in and out of treacherous situations many times as well. I implicitly trust them to do right, and their personal relationships and respect they receive from active law enforcement personnel makes everything run smoother. Do yourself a favor and use this service."

  • Michael Selby

    "I am the Chief Executive Officer in charge of the Investment and Property Division of the Crown Property Bureau in Bangkok, Thailand. Crown Property Bureau is the Thai government agency responsible for the operation of the Thai monarchy.


    "I have known John Luongo for approximately 14 years. John Luongo has on a number of occasions provided both security and investigation services to a number of organizations under my aegis. This included acting as Head of Security for North America, for the Brunei Royal Family. Mr. Luongo has also done work for Kempinski Hotels, which is owned by Crown Property Bureau. I have found John Luongo to be extremely competent and diligent at all times. I have also found John to be exceptionally reliable and to have exhibited absolute integrity. The latter is of extreme importance in many of the assignments I have asked him to undertake in the past. I would not hesitate to recommend John Luongo in the strongest terms possible."


    Michael Selby

    Chief Executive Officer, Investment and Property Divisions Crown Property Bureau


  • David Hill

    "I've had the pleasure of knowing Ray Stein for the past 14 years in his professional capacity as Fox Sports Security Advisor. He has always exceeded my expectations as security supervisor and has been a huge asset for our studio show productions due to his accommodating character, professional attitude, and levelheaded disposition.

    "I've produced the television coverage of major sports events all round the world and I have never had a stickier moment than during our production of Super Bowl XXXIX in Jacksonville in 2005:


    "Just prior to kick-off, we had to get President Bush (41) and President Clinton to our set. There was a huge milling crowd blocking the way. The Secret Service detail was clearly flummoxed. The crowd was jostling the presidents. I called on Mr. Stein and his crew to clear a path, and with precision, tact, and finesse, they made the crowd part and the presidents made it to the set in time, on schedule, and unruffled. They then repeated the task to get Sir Paul McCartney to the set. I have never in my life been more thankful than I was at that moment. Mr. Stein and his crew defused what could have been a dreadful situation."


    "During his time with us, Ray has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic, a dedication to our overall success, and a real team player. And by his attitude of displaying the highest level of efficiency dealing with demanding situations, Ray has earned the respect of us all. I have absolutely no hesitation in strongly recommending Protection Advisory to serve as your security team."


    David Hill, Producer Fox Sports



  • Raoul Lionel Fedler

    "I have known Mr. Luongo for several years and consider him to be an individual of the highest character and integrity and quite competent in his field of security and investigative work. I frequently require the services of a private investigator and have utilized the services of Mr. Luongo, finding him to be discerning, articulate and thoughtful in his representation of some of my clients... His professional abilities are without question."


    Raoul Lionel Fedler, Attorney at Law


  • Debra Bell Hertwig

    "I contracted Protection Advisory Services to assist me in the investigation of employee misconduct at a very senior level at one of my companies and also to help me develop systems and improve security overall in my operations.

    "I worked directly with John Luongo and Ray Stein and I could not have been more impressed. Their base of knowledge far exceeded my expectations and their performance in the course of evaluating and understanding my businesses was stellar. They worked with us night and day until we had a plan of action put together that included surveillance technology as well as operating systems to protect us from any recurrence of the type of misconduct that had previously occurred.


    "In addition to their knowledge of and familiarity with technology and systems, I was impressed by their ability to evaluate personnel and to convey to my employees that there would be zero tolerance for any breach of policy on a go forward basis. They were invaluable to my GM and me in preparing us for what to expect from our people and educating us about how to handle any 'push back'.


    "Some months after our work together in California, I reached out to them on a completely unrelated matter at the request of a high ranking official in Florida who had private security concerns. I called all three gentlemen: John, Ray and Tony because I didn't know where they were, and all three got back to me within 30 minutes. I was stunned. They had teams dispatched almost faster than my associate was ready to receive them.


    "I would trust Protection Advisory Services with any matter. I hold them in the highest possible esteem and recommend them without reservation."


    Debra Bell Hertwig

    President DSB, Inc.| Cobalt Transport Svc, Inc.



  • Julie Weinstein

    "Protection Advisory, Inc. has worked with Fox Sports since its inception and has supervised security for its primary on-air talent at all high profile sporting events such as the Super Bowl including the NFC Championship, the World Series including the Championship series, the MLB All Star Game, and the Stanley Cup finals. The secured on-air talent not only includes such high profile personalities as Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Joe Buck, John Madden and Tim McCarver but special guests such as President Bush, President Clinton, Paul McCartney, and John Walsh.


    "As Production and Talent Administrator for all studio shows for the past seven years, I work closely with the security team to ensure that the production and its on air talent are supported vigilantly, represented professionally, and reassured confidently. During this period, I have come to know Ray Stein well. I have been consistently impressed by Ray's attitude toward his work and his performance on the job. His communication skills have allowed him to develop productive working relationships with our talent and staff, and his analytical skills have allowed him to diagnose problems and devise viable solutions. Most importantly, his ability to remain unflustered during frenzied situations proves his ability to work well under pressure. In my opinion, he is the embodiment of guaranteed protection, safety, well-being, and confidence.


    "Over the years, he has proven to be a highly dedicated supervisor who knows how to motivate daily hires to strive for excellence. He possesses the gift of being able to make a complex task understandable. In spite of these formidable abilities, her remains humble, approachable and patient in many areas both personally and professionally.


    "It is with a sincere conviction that I enthusiastically recommend Protection Advisory, Inc. as your security team."


    Julie Weinstein  Production & Talent Administrator | Studio Productions, Fox Sports




  • Terry Bradshaw

    "Our entire NFL Fox pre-game show has put their complete trust in Ray Stein and his security staff and they have consistently exhibited the professionalism, incredible work ethic, and attention to detail that's required to succeed in their demanding field of security.


    "Ray's resume speaks for itself, having excelled in all aspects of his life, as a New York City Police officer, in business, family, and community. His success comes naturally because people love dealing with this admirable man because they know he is honest and fair and that he truly cares about them. He is a man I know I can trust, the embodiment of excellence, honesty, integrity, and morality... "


    Terry Bradshaw

    Terry Bradshaw Enterprises

  • Stephen Nuckel

    "The teams deployed at our Sheffield 57 and 25 Broad Street projects have been indispensable to the security and safety of the workers and occupants. The value of your service is truly incalculable.


    "The scope and magnitude of both our projects required experience executive and field personnel who could handle very complex and challenging conditions. Sheffield 57 is a 52-story, 301-unit renovation project, interspersed with 120 occupied apartments. Similarly, 25 Broad Street covered a 19-story, 285- unit renovation with 20 occupied apartments in a high security street environment. It has not been an easy task but your teams have managed access control of subcontractors, construction site logistics, and protection of the existing tenancy with skill and professionalism.


    "Also your contacts within the local police precincts provide a perfect liaison relationship with local authorities."


    Stephen Nuckel

    Senior Vice President, Falcon Pacific Construction, LLC


  • James R. Carson

    "Falcon Pacific hired Protection Advisory, Inc. to fulfill our security needs at multiple project locations. Their performance has been outstanding, exceeding my expectations with their vigilance, intelligence, and communications skills.


    "Securing a construction site is daunting and complex; on my project at 25 Broad Street that complexity is compounded due to the number of residents still occupying the premises. The Protection Advisory staff is understanding and responsive to that complex environment. Their guards are intelligent and highly trained; the vast majority of whom are current and former police officers in the NYPD. The principals of Protection Advisory, Inc.'s strong relationship within the NYPD and with many other critical municipal departments and bureaus has had a positive impact on my firm's ability to perform.


    "I highly recommend Protection Advisory services..."


    James R. Carson, Project Manager Falcon Pacific Construction, LLC

  • Richard H. Hilton

    "I have known Ray Stein for over ten years. Ray is a loyal person with a great deal of integrity. He is someone that I would want in my corner in any situation. These assets are hard to find in an individual. I highly recommend Ray, and his company, Protection Advisory, Inc. as valuable assets to have on your team."


    Richard H. Hilton

    Chairman, Hilton & Hyland -Exclusive Affiliate of Christie's Great Estates


  • Valentine A. Lehr

    "Many of the projects which Lehr Consultants International are involved with require security consulting and this circumstance has afforded us the opportunity to become familiar with Protection Advisory. I feel qualified to comment on the professional approach that both Raymond and John bring to their work. But more directly, LCI has had the occasion to call on Protection Advisory to directly provide us with services in connection with a delicate security matter involving a staff member.


    "Their actions in resolving the matter were rapid, efficient, effective, and incredibly discrete. In particular, Raymond Stein excelled in keeping us informed, putting circumstances in proper perspective and instilling a feeling of extreme confidence. Most importantly, the matter was settled to our complete satisfaction.


    "As a result, on those of our projects where we can offer recommendations, we consistently recommend Protection Advisory as a candidate for the needed security services. This includes our international projects as well as U.S. developments. Protection Advisory has our highest confidence and our strongest recommendation."


    Valentine A. Lehr >Partner, Lehr Consultants International, LLP



  • Sanford R. Montag

    "Ray has worked with my client John Madden for several years whole on location at NFL games. Ray travels to/from NFL game sites on a weekly basis making sure the scene is secure and comfortable for John. In addition, he provides police escorts, stadium escorts and more importantly personal security for John. Ray is a reliable, trustworthy, hardworking individual who we can count on 100 percent of the time. His attention to detail and knowledge of the security business is a huge asset. His professionalism and dedication to the job make him a perfect candidate for any security position he and/or his company wishes to pursue."


    Sanford R. Montag, Senior Corporate Vice President IMG Broadcasting/Speakers/Coaches

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"Ray Stein and John Luongo have provided security for me on numerous occasions since joining FOX Sports. They are first class individuals that understand how to handle every situation ... I couldn't be more impressed with the professionalism Ray, John and their staff have always shown ... Top Notch!"


-Troy Aikman





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